Health Screening Packages

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Give your pet the best by doing a comprehensive health screening.

Regular health screening allows us to detect any early symptoms of disease. So we can tackle and treat them early and prolong the lives of our beloved pets.

Simple, fast and effective. All test results will be out on the same-day!

*Except for urine test if your pet does not have enough urine on the day of vet visit. :)

Basic TIER

Only the best for your pet




  • $70 off!
  • Physical Health Check/Consultation
  • Complete Blood Count
  • Kidney & Liver Health
  • Blood Glucose, Protein, Cholesterol levels
  • Kidney Biomarker
  • Blood Electrolytes (Minerals)
  • For Dog: Heartworm/Tick Fever Test
  • For Cat: FELV/FIV*

*Can be replaced with Thyroid test if suitable