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Atlas Veterinary Clinic & Surgery

Blk 163, Bukit Merah Central, #03-3573, S(150163)

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Join our team

  • Prior work experience is preferred, but not necessary.
  • Training and guidance will be provided.
  • Integrity and character is paramount.
  • Need to work well with others.
  • Must be keen to learn and level-up.

Please send your resume with references to [email protected]

1) Veterinarian
- Possess a valid AVS Veterinary License

2) Veterinary nurse/technician

3) Receptionist/admin

The Story

Hi everyone, Dr Chow here.

Over the last 4 years, I juggled between private practice part-time and playing a pivotal role at SPCA Singapore. Truth be told, I spread myself too thin and did a subpar job at both ends.

Therefore, I am finally taking the next big step to build a clinic/team with the facilities and capabilities to provide the best possible standard of care (but no MRI/CT). This clinic is a reflection of our aspirations as veterinarians:

  • Digital Microscopy & Cytology
  • Tonometry
  • Ultrasound
  • IM3 Dentistry + pocket pets dental kit
  • Digital Radiograph
    • Dedicated anaesthesia machine
    • Useful for post-operation xrays & exotic diagnostic imaging 
  • Separate dogs & cat/exotic hospital wards (Fear-Free fiberglass cages)
  • Fully equipped surgical suite
    • Electrocautery & vessel-sealing device (ligasure)
    • Orthopaedic kit
    • Patient warming device 
    • Surgical suction
    • Multiparameter Monitor Machine (SpO2, ECG, NIBP, Temp, EtCO2 - mainstream)
    • (The foundation of a quality surgical procedure is quality anaesthesia & analgesia)
  • Basically, equipment that works

I hope you find this list of facilities/equipment exciting. I strongly believe in having the correct tools to empower us to perform optimally and provide the best possible care for our patients.

To reflect my core professional interest in surgery, we pride ourselves in providing quality surgical outcomes and anaesthesia (this is also why we added 'surgery' to the clinic name!).  

Types of animals we see:



exotic companion mammals (rabbits, chinchilla, guinea pig, hamsters)

terrapins etc.

Fear-free Approach

Helmed by the only "Elite-level" Certified Fear-Free veterinary professional in Singapore, the entire Atlas team will be fear-free certified (expenses covered by the clinic).

5 years ago, faced with all the frustrations in the veterinary industry, I quit being a vet and changed career path.

We are all too familiar with the shortcomings of this industry:

  • lack of support at work
  • being overworked
  • difficult clients
  • various types of management
  • lack of progression etc

I only rekindled my passion and returned as a vet after seeing the stray/community animals at SPCA.

My time at SPCA allowed me to focus on why I became a vet in the first place... treat and help animals.

This is why the THREE main purposes of Atlas Vet include:

  • Positive & supportive team culture that looks after one another
    • Because veterinary medicine is a team sport
    • "If we can't even look after one another, how do we expect to look after our patients?"
  • Solid evidence-based medicine (grounded in SCIENCE and up-to-date best practices)
    • We are all absolute nerds and love to geek out about veterinary medicine
    • So we can stay true to our core as animal health advocates
  • Provide community/rescue animals with quality standard of care
    • By supporting SPCA with various medical procedures like:
    • orthopaedic surgeries
    • various soft tissue surgeries e.g. PU, TECA-LBO, GDV, radical oncology surgery
    • diagnostic ultrasound and further work-up
    • Without the human drama and focus purely on the needs of the patient
    • (don't worry, SPCA will be the only AWG we'll work closely with 😉)

If these 3 goals excite you, do you want to join my "Avengers" team?

A clinic can have the coolest tools but workplace culture is the difference between showing up daily feeling empowered or dreading every single minute of it.

  • New or experienced candidates are welcome - because skills can be learnt but not personality and character
  • All nationalities are welcome

We are a small team so it is important to us that we find the right team member.

If you are interested to find out more, please send your resume to [email protected]

So we can get to know each other. 🙂

Coffee is on me! ☕


Haoting Chow, DVM (Melbourne)

*-- Real website is still work-in-progress. This is a temporary draft. --*

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